Arizona Opioid Treatment Coalition


What is Arizona Opioid Treatment Coalition?

AOTC is comprised of representatives from Arizona based organizations who provide medication assisted treatment services for people who are addicted to opiates.


Things We’ve Done

Advocated against HB 1003 which, in its original form would have denied the privilege of driving to anyone in the state who was prescribed Methadone. Our delegation was able to convince the Transportation Sub-committee used responsibly, as prescribed; Methadone is a safe medication for drivers.

Provided annual education and discussion oriented events for opioid treatment providers and the at-large AZ community.

Things We Are Doing

Advocate for consumers of our services; and responsible legislation of service sites.

Educate opioid treatment providers and Arizona citizens.

Join Today

We need your voice, ideas, creativity, insight, advocacy, concerns and spirit!

Membership includes participation in our disaster plan network which will assist with dosing your consumers in the event a natural or other disaster prevents your organization from doing so.