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2015 Guidelines for Opioid Treatment Programs Released


The 2015 Guidelines for Opioid Treatment Programs, published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), are now available. Like the 2007 guidelines, the new guidelines conform to Title 42 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 8.12. SAMHSA periodically revises the guidelines to reflect best practices based on current evidence and changes in health care delivery.
The 2015 Federal Guidelines for Opioid Treatment Programs contain updated information on patient assessment, and treatment planning, overdose prevention and relapse prevention, and patient-centered, integrated and recovery-oriented care. Guidance is provided on the use of telemedicine and the role of various health professionals in OTPs.
The new guidelines should be the primary reference and central measure for program staff, accreditation bodies and other stakeholders on the delivery of care in OTPs that is both high quality and in compliance with federal regulations. However, these guidelines are not a substitute for medical judgment and cannot provide the sole basis for treatment decisions. Program staff should keep in mind that some states apply additional regulations to OTP operations and should verify that they are in compliance with state and federal regulations; or the stricter of the two if they conflict.
To see a copy of the guidelines visit For further information and questions please contact Dr. Melinda Campopiano, MD Branch Chief at SAMHSA. You may call her directly at 240-276-2701 or email her at​

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