Arizona Opioid Treatment Coalition

2015 Nyswander/Dole Award Winner: Our very own Rubie Walker!


Rubie Walker, Program Director of Southwest Behavior Health Services, has been a member of the Arizona Coalition since 2003 and has served as Co-Chair for the past six years. Since her start with the Coalition, she has been enthusiastic, engaged, dedicated, and hardworking. She diligently educates community members about the benefits of medication assisted treatment (MAT). Rubie is well known and respected throughout the behavioral health treatment community for her work with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, juvenile court incarcerated and adjudicated youth, Head Start, and other agencies. She has tirelessly fought for better MAT, both in her facility and in all of Arizona. The natural enthusiasm with which she approaches every challenge has resulted challenging others to become better educated about treatment, to be better advocates for treatment, and to e better equipped to meet the challenges. Arizona is deeply grateful to Rubie, who has never quit battling the systems that try to deny people the opportunity for MAT and for a better future for themselves and their families. The treatment community in Arizona is a better place because of Rubie.

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